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In the summer of 2015, I had a conversation with some friends about all the toxic chemicals contained in tampons and pads and the dramatic effect they have on womens' bodies. Then we stopped and wondered about men. Is there a product that men are exposed to on a regular basis that may have a harmful effect on their bodies? The answer was, unfortunately, yes. Which product, you ask? Condoms. It turns out that condoms manufacturers do not report their ingredients, potentially harming people with allergies and encouraging a lack of transparency. We were horrified, so we set out to change that!

We began by distributing Ultra Glyde condoms through a subscription model, adding more sizes and the option to buy packs of 3 or 10 as the Green Condom Club grew in popularity. After several large B2B orders, we decided to find a manufacturer for our own brand! We went to visit a potential factory in February 2017. We officially started production of Green Condom Club branded condoms after we carefully vetted the manufacturer. It is important to us that we work with a supplier who shares our commitment to transparency with ingredients, manufacturing conditions, professionalism and strict respect of the international norms.

We are proud to bring you the Green Condoms!




Gabrielle Lods, Founder

Gabrielle cares deeply about sustainability and holds chemical engineering and management degrees. Before starting her entrepreneurship journey, she worked in sustainability and knowledge management for both Toyota and Dupont. She is currently based in Geneva (Switzerland) and travels regularly looking for good winds for kitesurfing and a quiet place to practice yoga.




MARKETING STRATEGY & EXECUTION Véronique MacMillan - see website

BRANDING & ILLUSTRATIONS Ingrid Bourgault - see website

PACKAGING DESIGNER Andres Buzzio - see website

LOGO DESIGNER Alisa Afkhami - see website


AMAZON & PHOTOGRAPHY András Barta - see website




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