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Other than abstinence, the regular use of latex condoms offers the best protection against contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. If used perfectly, male/external condoms can be up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy.

That being said, it only works if the condoms have been tested properly and are certain to perform the way they should.

Safety first

Condom production is a tightly regulated area, and that’s a good thing! It’s mandatory to test them thoroughly as they need to have ABSOLUTELY no holes, to be a reliable means of contraception. We examine them through various processes to guarantee their quality.

Bursting volume and pressure for elasticity

We measure at which volume and pressure the condom bursts to ensure sufficient flexibility of the material. To do it, the condom is inflated with air in a controlled environment until it bursts, we record the volume and pressure at which it explodes.

Electronic testing for holes

To make sure there are no puncture in the condom, we fill it with liquid and plunge it into a second liquid. An electric current is run through the liquid inside the condom. If any electric current is recorded in the liquid outside the condom, then the condom has a hole. When the condom has no hole, it acts as an insulator and the current can not pass.

Material uniformity and integrity

To produce condoms, we dip penis-shaped rods into a latex solution. If the mix is not homogenous, it might not deposit uniformly on the rod. Sometimes, areas can be thicker or thinner, making the condom less solid. We run a visual inspection of condoms to exclude the ones with issues. Also, some condoms can be filled with water and be examined for leakage.

Bacterial load

Condoms are non-sterile devices but should nevertheless be free from contamination and adulteration. This is achieved by manufacturing in a controlled environment with periodic monitoring to ensure no contamination and bioburden levels maintenance within acceptable limits. We measure the condoms’ bacterial load to make sure it remains within acceptable levels. It’s important to choose a lubricant that does not encourage bacterial growth for the 5 mandatory years of shelf life.

To summarize, we are compliant with the European CE norm, ISO 4074, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Your safety matters to us greatly! Please use the condoms as instructed on the packaging: water or silicone lubricant, only one condom at the time and pick the right size for you!

Still curious? Read more details about the certifications.


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3 Green Condoms (53mm/180mm)
10 Green Condoms (53mm/180mm)
100 Green Condoms (53mm/180mm)


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We tell you exactly what the condoms are made of

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No animal ingredients or tests and cruelty free

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Hypoallergenic condoms that don’t smell



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"Very good, as expected it felt more natural, no bad smell, no bad feeling on the skin, definitely better than regular condoms."

B. United Kingdom

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"feels good... smells good... tastes good... "  

R. Singapore

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"People may think condoms without parabens or animal components could not be as good as "traditional" condoms: but they are."

F. New Zealand

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 "The ladies love them and they don’t smell! Been using them for several months now, very satisfied. "  

K. Canada

THey talked about us

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